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About us

We are a leading and renowned manufacturer on the European market

The company INIPEX s.r.o. entered the market as a manufacturer of disposable ecological paper straws intended for drinks. 

Our main goal is to supply the world market with high quality biodegradable and compostable paper straws at a competitive price. We offer an ecological and natural alternative to plastics. 

The input raw material for production is from renowned manufacturers from GERMANY and SWEDEN, thanks to which we hold certificates of the highest quality paper. Our products are 100% safe for health, tested and certified.

We have the most modern, fully automated production technology, thanks to which we can respond flexibly to the needs of our customers.

The production capacity in our company and strategic location allows us to continuously deliver goods to our customers.

Alexandra Puškárová

Communication regarding the parameters and design of the straws was excellent. They met us in several specific requirements.

Alexandra Puškárová

Peter Nociar

Slamky od výrobcu INIPEX sú kvalitné, organické a v nápojoch sa nerozmočia. Výber tejto značky bola veľmi dobrá voľba.

Peter Nociar